Monday, August 21, 2017

Menu Plan Monday - Week of August 21st - 25th

Welcome back! So how did your menu plan go last week? For us, we stuck with it for the week. That's what I love. When you make a plan and you stick with the plan, you succeed, in most cases. ;-)

So this week is a pretty regular week. Of course today is the eclipse so that'll add some extra fun in there. Yes, we have our solar eclipse glasses and yes we're going to make either the paper plate protector thingy or the cereal box viewer as well. Safety first! Other than that, we have a pretty normal week filled with school and church things. Maybe some visits with friends thrown in there.

So without further ado, here's the plan for our home:

Pork chops in the oven with mashed potatoes for the boys and cucumber and onion salad as well

Nachos - per the little guy's request

Clean out the fridge day! We'll have leftovers to make sure that everything is eaten and nothing wasted

Chicken Wings 

Grill out with Daddy

Breakfasts This Week:
Scrambled eggs with spinach
Fried eggs with sausage
Biscuits for the little guy
Fruit: clementine's, berries and apples

Momables- this is basically a homemade lunchable. We'll do things such as hardboiled eggs with cheese, pickles, and cucumbers, lunchmeat, fruit, etc. 
Leftovers from suppers the night before
Chicken fingers
Popcorn Shrimp
Pizza rolls

So, what's on your plate for this week? Share some new and exciting recipe ideas with me!

Have a blessed week ahead!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekly Wrap-Up : An Odd Week...

This week was an odd one. It was one of those where you work and work but you really don't want to work. You know what I mean? We all have those times where you just don't want to. I am not sure why. Not sure if there's something crazy in the air, our weather has been kind of dreary. Not sure if the impending eclipse has us all in a "mood" or what. Whatever it is, we did less than we have been but still moved forward. Which, that's the point, right? So here's a look at our week. ( Linking up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers this week)
All Thing Math
Math is moving along pretty well. There has been one day so far in the whole four weeks of school that tears showed up but otherwise it's been pretty good. We're moving along learning the distributive property this week, working with expressions, and learning lots of terminology. To be honest, I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to add the alphabet to the math world but hey... He's getting it :)

Have I mentioned how much I love Apologia? Well in case I haven't, I do! This week in our science reading we are still working on the history of science. We're learning about scientific ideas that were once believed and now are not, we're talking about tons of the major scientists throughout history, how the Dark Ages affected science and so on. One thing this week that I just loved seeing was about Sir Isaac Newton. Did you know that Newton wrote more on the prophecy of Daniel than he did science?? I was blown away!! Many of the scientists we've learned about were devout Christians.

My kiddo has some great examples in his life of science and faith working together. My father and mother both have science degrees and our praise and worship leader, who Boo Bear just adores, works in a laboratory herself. So he has some pretty amazing examples of how science and faith can coexist. However, I have had moments with him where he broke down in tears asking how could you love science and believe in God. These reminders in this science book are just what we needed to reiterate that in fact, God and science go hand-in-hand. So thankful for this!!!

Reading, Writing, History and Everything Else
We've been moving right along in all our other classes as well. He's doing such a great job at tackling all his workbook pages and getting them done. I'm seeing a real change in how he handles school work this year. I'm very proud of him for all the hard work he's putting into his school work. It's not that he hasn't before but I can see a very big difference in how he is tackling the work to get it done and completed without the hassle :). That's a huge difference!

I tried a new recipe this week, well two new recipes, and they were a big hit. I did a Mediterranean Pork Loin and the cauliflower broccoli au gratin I had been wanting to try. Even Boo Bear liked the side dish so that was good!

So, this weekend we are looking forward to some relaxing downtime, I believe. Never know what we might get into. How was your week? Hope you have a blessed weekend ahead and a great week to come!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday

840. Thankful for spontaneous lunch dates with dad.

841. Time with my kiddo out and about just hanging.
842. I'm thankful for time with my brother!
843. I'm thankful for my kiddos new love of Jeopardy. We bought the game a few weeks ago and have been playing it. He's also discovered the show and has been watching it every night. Fun for the whole family!
844. This kids personality... He's a trip and a half! I just love how his personality shines in everything he does.

845. I'm thankful for HUGE sales on items I love. This week I received an email for Bath and Body Works that made their soaps, which I adore, less than $3.00 a bottle. What!!!! I might have spent more than I could have thought about at the time, but hey... We are stocked up on soap for a while...

846. Thankful for a great 3 1/2 weeks of school so far. He's working hard and it shows!
847. I'm thankful for the giggles I hear between my kiddo and my hubby as they play.
848. I'm thankful for delicious new recipes to try
849. I'm thankful for learning new things.

So, what blessings are you counting this week?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Women in the Word

Something I've been thinking about lately was a post weekly on Women in the Word. It's something that I feel God laid on my heart a few weeks ago and I've been pondering what to do with it. So, for now, I'm going to start by sharing some of my favorite scriptures and see where God takes us on this journey. I'm excited to see where He goes with this and what comes out of it.
The Word is important. It is our lifeline, our guidebook so to speak on how to live in a world that is not our home. It's an "instruction" manual that helps us get through tough times, good times, and those times we're not sure where else to go. 

So, here's the first of many I hope to come, "Women in the Word"/ or "Wednesdays in the Word"(not sure where it's headed). 

Jeremiah 29:11
If you know me, you've heard me talk about this verse. It has to be one of my all time favorite verses.

It says:

"For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, ' plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"

God has a plan for our future. God did not create you to be just another woman in this world. He created you with a specific purpose, a specific plan for your life. He came to give you a hope and a future beyond what you can even imagine. 

As women it's hard to face the day sometimes. We are constantly bombarded with pictures and images and even words of what we "should" do  or how we "should" look and act. If you go against that society norm then you're looked at as strange. God did not create us to fit in. He did not create us to conform to this world's normal. 

Be encouraged today that God has created you with a specific purpose in mind. He has made you to be a woman of God, to be different from those around you, to have a hope and a future and to SHARE that hope with others. 

Don't ever let  yourself believe you're not good enough or smart enough to change the world. God has changed the world with people who were not educated, who didn't have the best of the best. God used those who were willing and He made them able. 

God's plan for you is not one of harm, downtrodden hearts, and a beat down attitude. God's plan for you is hope. God's plan for you is love beyond all you could imagine. His plan for you is to be prosperous and to give you a future you never dreamed possible. 

As you go through the rest of this week, let this verse speak to you, speak over you, and encourage you. God has a plan for you. He knows your future before you even get there. 

Be blessed this week! 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Thirfty Tuesday

Welcome! Today I want to talk about a dangerous word that sometimes can get us all in trouble... Budgeting...

I'll be the first to say I haven't always been a great budgeter. Oh, I've written down plans, I've created spreadsheets and the whole nine yards. However, we always end up doing it again in a few months time as our first plan didn't stick for whatever reason.

So, lately I've been watching Jordan Page on YouTube. She has two great sites, one is Fun Cheap or Free  and the other is Budget Bootcamp. She's fun to watch on YouTube and shares some great basic budget ideas. You can check her out on her websites or spend time on her YouTube channel. (I tend to do both)

After watching several of her videos I decided to try out some things she mentions. I am trying out her Simplest Budgeting Video ever, I am working on our grocery budget this month. I have tried budgeting our groceries by the week, by the month, making lists etc. Somehow it always goes over board. So this month I'm implementing a new method. I am taking some of the tips from her and adding in my own to see how this month goes.

One thing I find is that keeping up with how much I actually spend on groceries is important. I was notorious for making multiple trips to Wal-Mart or the grocery store because we forgot something or needed this, or I just didn't want to cook what was in the house. This month, however, I have been using the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Pick-Up service (this is my referral link) to do grocery shopping and keeping a spreadsheet on what is actually going to groceries.

Wow! What a difference those two changes have made this month!!! I am serious. I was skeptical at first about the whole grocery pickup thing, but I can tell you after three weeks, I'm hooked! I am loving the not having to go through the store. More importantly, I'm loving that I just keep a window open on my computer throughout the week, add things as I see we need them, and then bam! Friday I pick up my groceries and go. On a side note, the kiddo is loving the fact that he isn't being dragged through the store either ;-).

If you haven't tried out the Wal-Mart pick up in your area, I highly recommend it. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let me tell you my experience. I picked up my groceries two weeks ago and the associate asked me did I want to check my produce. Well, I told them no I had a great experience last week I trusted them. When I got home, there were three squishy cucumbers and tomatoes that were less than delicious. I did the survey and let them know, although I still gave them a high rating and told them it was my fault.

They called me that afternoon after the survey and had me extra veggies the next week at no charge! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised.

So this month I'm implementing three things to help reduce (or try to control) my grocery spending:
1. An excel spreadsheet keeping track of what exactly is spent for groceries every time I go to the store
2. Menu planning- Plan ahead!!! This had already helped in my spending but menu planning is a must if you're going to try to save.
3. Shopping once a week - Using the Wal-Mart pickup program has been a lifesaver. You can click on my referral link here and see for yourself. (I do get $10 off my next grocery purchase if you use that referral link)

So I'm anxious to see how the rest of August goes and I'll give you a report on what worked, what didn't and what I'll keep for the following month.

What are some money saving tips you use to get your budget under control?

**There is a referral link in this post. It simply gives me $10 to shop at Wal-Mart Pick up for referring a friend that uses the service. Thanks!**

Monday, August 14, 2017

Menu Plan Monday! Week of August 14-18

Welcome back to Menu Plan Mondays! I'm working on getting these going again. How many of you here know life gets wild and crazy? Raise your hand!! I have been menu planning at home for months and it has truly helped me to budget for groceries better, know that answer to "what's for dinner" and keep myself sane while trying to juggle multiple things all day long. 

I also felt like it was time to start sharing them again. Maybe it'll help someone out there to find easy dinners or ideas for those times you just get in a rut. So, here's our menu for the week! 

Hearty Meat Sauce from Peace Love and Low Carb with Noodles for the boys

Leftovers from Monday

Parmesan Pork Chops
Green Beans

Lemon Pepper Chicken
Red Lobster biscuits for the guys
Broccoli with Cheese

Grill steak
Riced Cauliflower for me
Baked potatoes for my boys

Fried Eggs
French Toast in a Bowl (THM recipe)
For the kiddo I'll add a biscuit or waffle

Salads and chicken fingers for Boo bear
Salads with a variety of meats for myself
Hubby takes his lunch

A few notes on our regular eating:
I am a low-carb/Trim Healthy Mama style eater. I am a diabetic so carbs and wheat just do not work well with me. I don't cook two meals, I simply choose a meat and then pick sides around it for all of us. The boys eat more breads and carbs than I do but I try to keep it a healthy meal all around. Thankfully my kiddo will chow down on a salad so that is an easy side everyone enjoys.

What's for dinner at your house this week?

Friday, August 11, 2017

Week Three Down!

Welcome to our school journey through 6th grade!

Week three is in the books! We have been diligently working right along. Boo Bear is totally blowing my mind this year. He's been working very hard to get all of his school work done. No fighting or tears. Well, a few tears because let's face it, whoever decided to put letters in math was crazy!!

Otherwise, we are working away and getting stuff knocked out. I am very pleased with how our curriculum choices are going so far and how everything seems to be flowing well.
So here's a look at our last few weeks.

He has completed chapter 1 and we are halfway through chapter 2. The 1st one was a simple review and chapter 2 has thrown him right into the mix of Algebra with it's equations, expressions, terminology and putting those darn letters in with numbers. He's doing great though. We've had some challenging days where he wanted to quit, but we worked through and he's doing amazing.

This has been really fun so far. We are learning a history of science in our General Science curriculum from Apologia. I'm trying to take it a little slower than we will eventually go through this book because it's a lot more involved than our past books. I don't want him to miss things. He gets to go do experiments with Papa and Mimi so that is lots of fun.

Language Arts
This has been going well with writing and reading. Spelling is a different story. This seems to be a struggle for my guy but we're working on it every week. Some of the things I'm running into are he has all the letters there but a few of them are in the wrong order. We decided to shorten his spelling list this week to see if it helps. Also, on one of his tests, I asked him again to spell it orally instead of writing and he got some he missed while writing them correct. So, I'm trying to work on helping him memorize those words and figure out how we can get through our spelling lessons. I've told him that some people just have trouble with it and so we're working diligently. 

If you have tips or tricks on learning words, please feel free to share them! 

He also found a few new books he's enjoying from the library. He's loving these two series, The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut and Here's Hank. He's reading these books in two days or less, which if you read of our earlier journey in reading, this is a huge accomplishment!

We are loving NotGrass American History! I mean we are having a blast so far! We started watching Teen Jeopardy this week as they were featuring young kids and some of the questions on there Boo Bear knew because we had just read about them. 

This is certainly a hit for us. We've been reading about Jamestown, Boston, Maryland, Native Americans and so much more. I am loving the Map studies he's doing and the lesson sheets are a great help. 

We have a few more weeks before his theater starts back up so we'll be busy, busy! Fall always brings on lots of fun activities and crazy running. I really like getting our school back into a routine before things like that start up. So far we are on track with the lesson plans and are doing well. I pray this pattern continues. 

So that's about where we are right now. He's plugging away at his history right now and I'm gearing up for a relaxing weekend, hopefully. 

How is your school going? Hope you have a blessed week ahead and thanks for stopping by!! 

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